Zion’s Finest Archive Announcement

Hi there, Built on Hope and Zion’s Finest listeners!

Jessica here with a short update. (I tried to upload this audio update a few weeks ago but got a you have uploaded too much this month error message). You may have noticed some changes to your podcast experience. As most of you know, Kenny, of the Zion’s Finest podcast, has released his last episode and is no longer continuing the Zion’s Finest podcast. Kenny has officially hung up his hat and stopped hosting the podcast on his Podbean. I felt that it was a complete tragedy for the podcast to not have a place on the internet for listeners to enjoy so asked Kenny if he wanted us, Built on Hope, to host his episodes (since we are paying for our own podcast anyways). He agreed! Thus the Build on Hope Podbean became the new home for the Zion’s Finest archive.

Now…because of how the “import” function works on Podbean, all of you Zion’s Finest listeners have been teleported along with the episodes! That was not actually intentional and I apologise for any confusion or trauma that may have caused, sorry Derek! We are currently working on labelling  the Zion’s Finest episodes so that they are easier to find but it’s going to take us a little time. Unlike Kenny I do actually sleep so…yeah.

Anywho! For anyone that doesn’t know us, Built on Hope is a podcast dedicated to discussing competitive Imperial Assault mostly focused on IACP (the IA continuity project). We try to release episodes every few weeks.

Happy listening everyone!

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