Episode 19: Matchup Analysis 6 - Formerly Darth, now just Maul

In this episode, Isaac brings on three veteran Imperial Assault players - Jake, Kyle, and Morgan - to discuss the Zabrak in the room: Maul and his trusty Darksaber. After the red-skinned alien took the three Jetpack Cup VSTs by storm, we knew it was high time to take a look at the fallen Sith, analyze his strengths and weaknesses, and the different ways to play him by comparing 4 Top-Tier Tournament lists featuring the man himself.


We hope you enjoy, have a very Merry Christmas and a glorious New Year!


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The Bespin Trials (casual competitive weekly league) and the Jedi Trials (novice players league) have been underway since the 23rd of November Check out the IACP discord if you are interesting in joining the Jedi Trials

Season 4 Jetpack Cup lists:Congratulations Morgan, Kyle, and Isaac!


Map Rotation!
Chopper Base, Atollon (from the Hera and Chopper pack) has replaced Endor Defense Station

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