Zion’s Finest: The Final Episode

Here it is. You get four brothers, two poems (both Wendell Berry), one rant (okay maybe more), and zero regrets. God bless you all. Thank you for letting me and the crew be a part of your lives for as long as we were. I will never, ever, ever forget it.

Here's the schedule:

0:01:00 - Introduction
0:07:05 - The Chat
1:12:46 - The Final Doubt Rant (that is honestly the best part of the podcast)
1:35:52 - Signing Off, I love you all

The most amazing thing about this episode is that, even with our time in the sun having past, WE STILL FOUGHT ABOUT DOUBT! Honestly, it is close to the most glorious moment of the podcast and I'd give anything to be able to pick insane fights with you all on something that will cause all of those participating to RAAAAAAAGE!

Just a reminder, this will be up on Podbean, iTunes, and all other podcast services for two more weeks, then we're going offline. I'd encourage those of you that want to save podcast episodes that you or a friend appeared on to save them quick. I saw that earlier in the week we got a few hundred downloads of older episodes, which I presume are people doing just this. I have the hard copies on my computer, but I'd prefer that everyone download them on their end. But if you're ever needing one, just message me and I should be able to get it to you pretty quick.

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